Greasemonkey User Script: Javadoc Instant Search

By Joël Thieffry, under MIT licence.

This Greasemonkey script adds Instant Search function to Javadoc class frame.




For use in Mozilla Firefox, you need to install the Greasemonkey plugin. Unless the variable greasemonkey.fileIsGreaseable is set to true in your about:config, the script won't run on local files.

In Google Chrome, userscripts support is native since Chrome v4.


Released 0.5 (2012/11/17)

Released 0.4 (2012/04/23)

Released 0.3 (2012/04/10)

Released 0.2 (2012/04/05)

Released 0.1 (2012/04/03)


I've just learned Javascript and DOM, this script is my first attempt to use it. I wanted to implement the efficient Eclipse search inside Javadoc.

There were three goals:

  1. A userscript for Greasemonkey plugin : done.
  2. A doclet extension: can't be done because a new doclet can't reuse standard doclet mecanism.
  3. A tool to insert the userscript into generated Javadoc : to be done.

Later, I found KOSEKI Kengo's script named Javadoc Incremental Search. This code and webpage inspired me (for example the embedded erase icon comes directly from it), but my implementation is really different: my code is simpler because it does less things.

Implementation details