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Welcome to jo.zeRezo.com

You are on the website of Joël Thieffry, also known as jo[zeRezo], JoeT3 and IoDream. I've born this site to present my miscellaneous works to Internet people.

In this purpose, I've learned PHP 4, XHTML 1.0 Strict, CSS and a bit of Javascript, to build a base framework, in which I'll easily add walls and sections according to the different projects I'ld like to show. Of course, a modern browser conforming to current standards is required to enjoy all the features (among others, multiple stylesheets: just try the links “Show the xx version…” above).

Enough talked, or I'm making you dizzy, so: have a nice trip !

Last update of the content : 2012-04-03
Last update of the PHP framework : 2005-07-14.

2012-04-03 : A little bit of javascript into Javadocs

Release of javadocInstantSearch, a Greasemonkey script adding instant search to Javadocs..

2005-07-14 : Un beau jour d'été sous un soleil de plomb…

Note: I'm too lazy to translate this one, maybe later. In short, I've got a new job at Sogeti-Transiciel. I'm very happy. I should start the 16th of august 2005. Over & Out.

La plupart d'entre vous sont déjà au courant, je me dois de vous annoncer la bonne nouvelle : suite à de nombreux entretiens effectués durant les deux précédentes années dans de multiples sociétés de service en informatique et diverses entreprises de développement logiciel, j'ai enfin réussi à convaincre quelqu'un de me donner ma chance. À partir du 16 août prochain je devrai normalement rejoindre les équipes de Sogeti-Transiciel, "filiale" orientée développement logiciel de l'énorme Capgemini, dans une agence située à Toulouse (Saint-Martin-du-Touch) qui travaille exclusivement avec Airbus.

Il n'est rien de dire que je suis très heureux de la nouvelle, content de pouvoir enfin travailler dans mon vrai métier, ma passion depuis tout petit : la programmation. J'espère pouvoir répondre aux attentes de mon nouvel employeur, lui montrer que je suis digne de mes nouvelles responsabilités.

Sur ce, bonne journée, depuis le sud de la France où il fait peut-être un peu trop chaud…

2005-04-11 : Congratulations Hi-Stor !

In my DESS training course, I had been brought to work on the human machine interface (HMI) of a new pruduct at Hi-Stor Technologies. This software is a monitoring solution for storage units. Products from manufacturers with the same kind of feature exists; the innovation here is hardware indenpendancy (all things plugged with SCSI works, and the system can later be extended to support ATA or Serial ATA for example), and in-system intrusion-freeness (all other solutions must be installed inside the storage system, this one is totally independant of it).

I'm telling you all of this because it's now official, StorSentry product is on sale. It's my very first time I see some of my code is sold, especially when the sparse screeshots in the website are the direct result of my own work !

So I'm rather glad, and I wish good luck to all the software delelopment team at Hi-Stor (more particularly to Mr GUIGNARD, my Projet Manager who had choosen me for this stage with my camrade Miss FIJALKOWSKY).

2004-11-24 : Stopping joPHPFlags, releasing jPHPsetistats

I've stopped the development of joPHPFlags for reasons explained on the dedicated page.

On the other hand, I've just released the first versoin of my new project: jPHPsetistats pretty-prints your SETI@home user stats, in an small image for now to be inserted in your signatures in forums. Royale and I have been using it for months without problem.

2004-04-28 : project joPHPFlags is online

A new project is born: joPHPFlags (en anglais) allows you to generate flag images online. It's my first project on this site that won't stay freezed, because it has only started, and I expect the Free Software community to help improving.

As well, I take this opportunity to say that one of my old school-work projects (CarnetAdresse, in french) written in Java/Swing has been online for a while yet.

2004-03-29 : First project online after all

Not too early you'll say, but better late than never done. I hope I'll quickly improve the look'and'feel of the new page (because I've done it in a hurry), then I'll add a lot more projects. On the other hand, I don't think I'll translate the old projects in english, except if someone asks me to.

2004-03-10 : CV version 2

With the help of a family member, I've just redone my CV in a more appealing way. Thanks Gigi ! While looking for a job in my software development, I'm still Security Agent in Rockwell-Collins France.

2003-08-22 : Who wants to hire me ?

Even if the content of the website hasn't changed a lot, the PHP framework has evolved as you can see following the Changelog. On the whole, the website look has been improved, in the way to a more attractive design using icons.

The Resume part has been completed with a page where to download my Resume in several file formats. In fact, I've been searching for a job for 4 months, I am not giving up hope; it's the reason why I polish the Resume part first :) .

2003-08-15 : English version.

All the framework and the index page have been translated to english, thanks to the new language support in the framework.

2003-07-28 : Site opening.

The site has been uploaded on the zeRezo.com server run by the brilliant and famous Royale from the zeRezo clan. It only weighes 70Ko, but introduces two pages: the index and the CV.

For now, seeing the left navigation menu, it appears the site is rather empty, but I indend to put a lot of things online before long, following my own pace ;).

Current page : http://jo.zerezo.com/ .
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